Workforce Development

Center for Workforce Pastoral Care by Movement Birmingham 

Mission: Sending disciples of Christ-centered organizations to the marketplace 

The Center of Workforce Pastoral Care (CWPC) is a three-way employment partnership between faith-centered ministries, their students, alumni, or members and employers from across Birmingham. Together we are committed to helping Birmingham build one of the strongest workforces in America.   

Five Pillars of Success

The aim of the CWPC is to raise the probability of successful long-term placement between the candidate and employer by focusing on five pillars of success: 

Pre-qualifications - obtaining candidate through trusted referral sources and extensive candidate screening and assessment      

Transporation - we work from a macro infrastructure and micro candidate level to address transportation  

Communication - strong communication between sending organizations, their candidates, and the employer are essential to building a healthy placement community  

Housing - access to suitable and affordable housing is an essential aspect of retaining talent  

Discipleship - most importantly is a strong relationship between the candidate and ongoing spiritual maturity.  We rely primarily on church small groups for this aspect of care 

The Center for Workforce Pastoral Care by Movement Birmingham is administrated by the ULECx Market.